Prepper’s Guidebook Found in Survival Life’s Newest Special Report

By on March 11, 2013

A prepper’s guidebook that spells out the main areas of disaster and emergency preparation is now being provided by Survival Life. Prepper’s Playbook, the newest Special Report from the non-biased survival-based information network, shows how to spot and eliminate life-threatening gaps in any preparedness plan.

Survival Life knows that the smallest imperfection in a disaster plan can not only create an opening for danger, but will also prevents the calmness and steadiness that survival situations require. Preppers need to be able to sleep easy knowing they have taken every realistic and practical measure they can to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones.

‘Above Average’ Joe, the Managing Editor of, knows firsthand how disasters can affect those in their paths. His family narrowly escaped death during and after Hurricane Rita, which led them to evacuate their homes and seek safety in a storm shelter for more than a week. It was an eye-opening experience for Joe, and it led him to begin developing his own techniques for preparing himself and his family for any sort of crisis imaginable.

The Prepper’s Playbook guides people in the processes involved with sheltering in their homes, evacuating from danger, and guaranteeing their safety with enough food, water, and other supplies to get through a recovery period. Survival Life knows that government authorities and federal powers can’t be relied on to keep people alive and safe. Past disasters have proven that FEMA and other relief systems are faulty in their own right. Completing the checklists and procedures in the Prepper’s Playbook is the only way to ensure a promising experience when a crisis arrives.

Basic medical care, lists of supplies, and defensive strategies are all provided by the Prepper’s Playbook, with every piece of information determined to be of the utmost importance in a catastrophe. Whether the situation is manmade or an act of nature, the uncertainty of disasters looms over everyone’s head. Let that head rest with the calmness of a prepared mind, and take the steps suggested in Prepper’s Playbook.

Everyone deserves the right to protecting their life, liberty, and property, but disasters can threaten each one. The best type of protection is proactivity, and involves a devotion to constant and complete readiness. To gain access to the ultimate prepper’s guidebook, visit this site and learn more about the Prepper’s Playbook.

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