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By on January 3, 2013
backordered ammo snip

My wife surprised me at Christmas with a brand new Glock 17 9mm handgun.  Needless to say I was shocked (my wife is terrified of handguns).

I have only fired a handgun a few times but I was excited to get to the range and try it out.

I ran into one major snag though…

Sorry… we’re all out of ammo.

That is the phrase I heard at 9 different stores over the holiday weekend, while I was trying to buy ammunition.

And looking online yielded no better results ( see the picture above).

Any time I asked my friends where I should go to get ammo, I heard the same thing;

“Head to Wal-mart, you can get cheap rounds there for target practice”.

After going to 5 Wal-marts, 2 Academy Sports & Outdoors, and even 2 local gun ranges, I had absolutely zero ammunition for my new gun and I was a bit frustrated.

It wasn’t just the 9mm that was wiped out either. .308’s were sold out, there were only a few boxes of .40 left on the shelf, and the majority of the other ammunition was down to only a couple of cases left.


I finally had to break down and take a 30 mile drive out to Cabela’s.  200 rounds and $70 later I finally had my ammunition.

Unfortunately the gun ranges were closed and I still have not been able to go out and fire my new handgun.

I know that I will go through these first 200 rounds fairly quickly, so I wanted to ask for your help.

Do you know of any good places either online or brick and mortar stores to purchase ammunition?

How long is this shortage of ammunition going to last?

Is it  just the result of a Christmas rush on ammo, or is this a sign of things to come?

I’d like to hear your opinion in the comments below.

P.S. I’d also like to know if anyone else carries a Glock 17 and if they have any tips or tricks that they think I should know about the gun.

Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. It might not scare off an intruder but with ammo being in high demand and short supply you may be interested in looking for a new high powered pellet gun…  These are not your average Daisy Pellet guns.






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  • taminator013
    0 still has a supply of 9mm Remington green box and Wolf Gold Line ammo available at a halfway decent price. Good thing that your wife didn’t buy you an AR. No ammo to be found that’s close to affordable. Good luck and good shooting……

    • MDE440

      Be careful of the Wolf Ammo, it is steel case ammo, most ranges do not allow that to be used.

      • David O

        There’s nothing wrong with most steel cased ammo as long as it’s not polymer coated. Sellier & Belloit have been selling steel case ammo for over 20 years & I’ve shot thousands of rounds of it without a single problem. TulaAmmo is steel cased also, but my local range not only allows it, they SELL it (before they ran out).

        Just about every Communist block country in the world uses steel cased ammo (many use copper washed steel jackets too) because it’s cheaper that using brass cases and copper projectile jackets.

        • http://AOL Richard Tekulve

          Steel case ammo can be pretty rough on rifle chambers and extractors – except for Russian and Chinese firearms which are built for the stuff.
          There is no way that I would feed steel case through an AR-15, Mini-14, etc… unless it was all I had and then Rock-N-Roll Baby!!

      • Allen

        I would not shoot that stuff anyway.
        Ammo is scarce here in Alaska too. Online is hard due to the distance, Hazmat fee, shipping through Canada etc to add to the scarcity. People are bartering already. Look for local websites or ask freinds if anything like that is going on in your area.

    • Chuck
      0; is normally good but they are running two weeks behind schedule. is also a good candidate.

  • James Whitmore

    re your ? about where to get ammo.. I shop a lot at Guide Gear, they usually carry a large ammount of ammo in various calibers., also might try Able Ammo out of Huntsville, Texas. I went to the gun show at Pasadena Convention Center on the 29th of Dec. the parking lot was full and folks were parking outside the gates along the road. I found a spot inside and up close. however I didn”t go inside. The line just to get a ticket went compleatly around the building. I suspect most folks are just antsy about what effect the recent nutcase shootings and present administrations view on Americans that are not on Uncle Sams Plantation are going to do. you can rest assured ” they will mever let a good crisis go to waste” James Whitmore Santa Fe, Texas

  • kevin

    You’ve only fired a handgun “a few times” and you’re talking about carrying it???

    You’d better rethink that one or you may do yourself more harm than good!

    • Joe

      Hey Kevin,
      I am not going to carry my weapon other than to the range for right now.
      I will be taking an intro to handguns course for both myself and my wife. Then after that I will be getting my CHL.
      If you had read any of my previous posts about guns, you will note I do not support carrying a weapon without proper training and cannot stress that enough.
      I have had several family members seriously injured or killed by improper handling and I refuse to become a statistic.

      • kevin

        Joe –

        “P.S. I’d also like to know if ANYONE ELSE CARRIES a Glock 17″

        You said it yourself, Joe: “anyone else”, as in “besides me”; and “carries” means now, not in the future, as in “will carry”, right?

        Details are important in this field… you’ll see at your CHL… good luck.

        Your wife got you a fine, practical weapon. Thank her again. Do a search for “Glock torture test”.

      • Gary Morrow

        Thank your wife for buying you a glock handgun. Glock makes a very fine and reliable handgun.
        As a ccw and tactical handgun instructor I own a number of glocks along with many other brands. Glad to see you are going to get a concealed carry weapons permit, but bear in mind that ccw training just scratches the surface of handgun safety and training. After ccw training I recommend that you find a good tactital training school and sign up for one of their classes. These classes teach you how to really run your gun and gain the confidence necessary to protect yourself and family.
        Try to get your wife to sign up and take the ccw class with you, so she can get over the fear or dislike of guns. She might surprise you and herself.

        • Joe

          Oh I absolutely plan to, and the moment I opened on on Christmas I made her promise to take classes with me, and she agreed!

  • http://[email protected] greg

    bulk ammo has been sporadic but had 9mm yesterday!

  • Paul

    Glocks are a great gun. There is no external safety to worry about during a critical incident. I would suggest you take a Glock armorer course.Keep it clean and don’t oil to heavy. There are specific points to oil on a Glock. There are U-Tube videos online that will show you how to tear it down and lub it.I would also suggest taking a shooting course from a reputable firearms instructor. The shortage of ammo is because everyone is buying it before it is outlawed or a tax put on by our government.

  • Avram Goldfarb

    I’ve tried local and on-line with limited results. I’ve got an order for 1,000 .223s of Tulammo that’s currently back ordered (Steel, not reloadable). I also ordered another 2,000 rounds of .22’s and they just shipped from Cheaper than Dirt. In my opinion, this shortage all has to do with the Newtown shooting and the demagoguery going on about weapons bans, etc. I’m just glad I’ve been saving my brass and am now looking into reloading. That, and I’ve been stocking up on my ‘go-to’ ammo ( 9mm, .223, .380, .22, 12 gauge in bird and buck shot) even since Comrade Obama came into office. Good luck!

    • Chris

      Please do not shoot Tulamo (Russian) ammo in an American made weapon!The steel casings tear up the ejection port and wear out the barrel quicker.

      • czman75

        Word to the wise, if you do decide to shoot russian (Tulammo), it would be a good practice to shake and listen to each cartridge you load to insure it has powder in it…it is not unusual for some rounds to “miss” getting powder added during manufacture…ask me how I know…

        • David O

          I’ve had as more squib loads (primer only without powder) with U.S. made ammo as I have had with TulaAmmo. In fact, I haven’t had a single squib load with TulaAmmo to date. In fairness I’ve shot a lot more U.S. made ammo because TulaAmmo hasn’t been imported for very long.

          Before Clinton banned it from being imported I bought all of the Norinco ammo I could find (their pistol ammo was brass cased unlike their rifle ammo which was all copper washed steel).

          I’ve been present while thousands of rounds of TulaAmmo was being shot at more than one range & saw a total of 10 squib loads, I wouldn’t exactly call that “not unusual”. Maybe the ammo shipped to my home state just happened to be higher quality, but I rather doubt it.

  • Dr. Harry

    If you were to buy a Judge Defender 2 1/2″ lightweight revolver all of your problems would be solved. It takes 410 shot gun shells, which are readily available online from Cheaperthandirt, and Sportsmansguide.

    I recommend the Winchester PDX-1 round which contains 3 copper discs and shot. The gun does not kick much, and at 7 yards instead of a little hole in the target, the whole center of the target is gone. You do not have particular aim this gun, just point and pull the trigger. No safety, no slides, no magazine to jam…it just shoots. It also takes 45 long colt which is good for bears when camping. For the novice or experienced shooter this is the ONLY gun one need for self defense that occurs typically at 7-10 yards. You will never with this gun go to pull the trigger and find the safe on, or a shell not chambered. It is sold by Taurus, has a lifetime guarentee, and costs $500. Take your Christmas present back, and trade it for a Judge, you will not be sorry.

    • Nanook

      you mentioned “cheaper than dirt”. They, along with “dick’s sporting goods” both pulled their weapons off the shelves after 14 december slaughter. Plus, cheaper than dirt started gouging (sp) their magazine prices. I will never deal with either of them again.

      as far as available ammo goes, try “midway usa”. They generally have bulk ammo available at good (not great) prices.

      as far as ammo supply drying up, try finding reloading supplies for 5.56, 7.62, .45, .38, and 9mm. They are also drying up in the supply chain. if you really want to be a “prepper” then you really should get into reloading. It won’t be long and we won’t be able to find or afford ammo on the market. They can never be successful confiscating weapons in this beloved country, but they can take ammo off the shelves. Think about it…..

  • Rex

    Try a Gun Show. They are a great source of ammunition, both new and reloaded.

    • David O

      A dealer friend of mine was setting up his tables yesterday for a Gun Show this weekend and reported seeing 7.62×39 & .223 ammo both priced at $1,000 per 1,000 round case…..for TulaAmmo. Georgia Arms typically has plenty of reloaded ammo & components in stock, but they are sold out and their distributors have no idea when they will be able to get anymore.

  • CaptTurbo

    The shortages might possibly last until the door to door confiscation begins. We must give the usurper credit though. He’s the best firearms and ammunition salesman the world has ever known.

    • Nanook

      U got that sh*t right, Cpt!

      • TommyBoy

        Our Government has ordered 1.6 BILLION (that’s right , BILLION) rounds of various calibers and the weapons to go with them. Also, the Department of Homeland Security as order 2,700 armored vehicles. So think about it, WHAT FOR? DHS in under the DIRECT control of the President. Raise any flags? If they can’t take the guns away, they can turn them into clubs!

  • Cranky Yankee

    I’ve been stocking up on ammo for a while now. I train at FrontSight in Nevada, and will need 500 rounds for my next 2 day course. I have some steel, but can’t use it at my local range or Frontsight. Everyone in the Jax, FL area is out of 9mm, and .38’s are scarce. I have a 1st gen Glock 17 that is still in excellent condition, and a new 4th gen 19. Prefer the 19–a bit smaller, softer trigger, less recoil. I keep checking at my local ammo vendors–grab what I can as it turns up. I’m teaching a few friends how to shoot, so I can use up a lot of ammo quickly.

  • Earl

    After Cabelas & Sportsman’s Guide, try Midway USA, Gander Mountain, Brownells for ammo. My favorite is Sportsman’s Guide,ask for a catalog and with a $30 a year membership you get an additional 10% off; they have just about anything you need for any outdoor activity!! Enjoy your Glock.

  • Joy

    You might try Bass Pro shops online, or if there is one near you go have a look or call.
    Can’t hurt, although Bass Pro is usually pretty high priced. The gun show idea one other poster gave was a good one, but I’ve been told by my shooting friends to steer clear of reloaded ammo unless you know the quality first-hand of the person doing the reloading. Reloads can be very dirty, not to mention dangerous if the person doing them is less than an expert.

  • David Ferrera

    Hopefully the current ammo shortage is a temporary reaction to local, state, & federal governments’ hysteria over Sandy Hook and renewed threats by liberals to regulate firearms. The company I recommend is also currently back ordered because of a shortage of components but when circumstances stabilize try:

    The company normally has a booth at select gun shows around the country if you don’t want to pay shipping charges.

    Before the Newtown shooting I ordered 1000 rounds of .40 cal FMJ ammo which I bought for substantially less/round than you paid for 9 mm bullets that are normally cheaper than .40 cal. Despite the timing of my order it took about a month to receive it.

    GA Arms ammo cycles flawlessly in my semi-auto and is dependably accurate.

  • Mike

    Hay right now everybody is worried about gun ban so that is why ammo is out. Your best bet is to try SG ammo in Stillwater OK. They might have some left . Also buy some extra mags for that gun high capacity because that is what they are going to go for.

  • Karen Colburn

    Some of you all might rethink your usage of the word “liberal”as a dirty word. I am about as liberal as they come and am a lawyer having spent most of my professional life defending our constitution in court. Between us, my marine husband & I own 37 weapons. Some times my patterns are tighter and more accurate that are my marine. Most of my liberal lawyer friends feel the same way about weapons as do I. The cause needs liberal lawyers to defend our constitution in court as much as knowledgeable responsible gun owning citizens. Please don’t exclude us from your group, our group, because of the terms often used to make this journey an us or them devisive fight. We are all in this together and to my mind, the more we stick together the better off we will be. Just something to think about. Some liberals make excellent allies. Lets respect each other, all of us, and our group will grow stronger, larger and tighter as it should.

    • steven

      I certainly hope you are right but at the moment you seemed to be the exception not the rule.
      The news media does not seem to have the ability to understand that if you a eliminate the second amendment that soon after all the other rights will be eliminated to, starting with their most cherished fiRST amendment right

      • Karen Colburn

        Dear Steven, my mentor , when I was a “baby lawyer” was a man by the name of Bob Page. A Colorado lawyer, he was national counsel for the American sunbathing association. yep, nudists. he argued, and won his case for the first amendment right for free speech to include walking around without clothes on, this case was argued in the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT, not state court. He too was a ” liberal” thinking rightly that people in this country should be able to do as they damned well pleased. I wish he were still alive to raise the sword. But there are still many of us, lawyers on the side of people, lawyers on the side of the constitution. I agree with you that the press is out of control. So biased they have no credibility. but unfortunately, they have viewers so stupid its hard to be believed. So lets use the muscle we have. Our lobbyist do a great job, a really great job. but we also need to be ready to challenge these laws if and when they are passed. they are as dangerous to our liberties as anything In the history of this country. I am scared and I do not scare easily. And lets get a Bob Page to do it for us. But WE MUST WIN THIS FIGHT AT ANY COST. I’m sure we have great lawyers but I do not know who they are and would like to. Is there somewhere we can go to find out what we are doing on that front? If we need more help, just ask, there are many lawyers ready to join this fight. An army of lawyers that know how dangerous what is going on, that it must be stopped. I’m not in the minority here. Not by a long shot.

        • Steve in Omaha

          You’re not as liberal as you think Karen. Liberal, progressive, RINO, they’re all synonymous terms. If you love liberty & freedom, then you’re none of these.
          Everyone has the 1st Amendment right to be an idiot. However, let freedom reign! Its when our Socialist in Chief, a self proclaimed Constitutional Scholar, tramples the Constitution with his liberty squashing & freedom killing policies that’s when true conservatives get offended. Liberalism is relative, remember Ronald Reagan? He was more liberal than I, but got it right most of the time. When your 1st amendment rights squash liberty & kill freedom, then you’ve gone to far. Like Justice John Jay said “Our…system only works when its citizens are virtuous.” Where’s your moral compass?
          Welcome home Karen, you may be a conservative. Let Freedom REIGN!

          • Karen Colburn

            Maybe we need a new term for people who think they are conservatives or liberals but really are just reasonable common sense caring people who will no longer tolerate the obscene spending, the invasion into our private lives, the limit on gun ownership, just for starters. My husband Cort came up with the word “considerable” it’s a nice word marrying the two, but having a word, some word, any word, to decribe the fact that there are people like us is the first step in making it known that we have joined forces and are a force to be reaconed with.

          • Mikey

            I think Steve is on to something here. Karen, you sound more Libertarian than Liberal to me. Glad to have you aboard!

            A former Democrat in my youth, former Republican as I became more aware, former Independent as I be came more disenchanted with RINOs, but currently a proud Libertarian.

        • Larry

          they won’t “pass a law”. It will be an Executive Order that the usurper will put into effect.

    • Robin

      Well Said Karen. I could not really tell you what “party” I am anymore. I started out as a democrat..switched to republican…guess my husband thinks I am a capitalist…but I think I have just become a constitutionalist…Is that a word lol…anyway, that constitution covers everyone regardless of “party” affiliation. You are absolutely right. We are all in this together. We are all going to be seriously affected by upcoming events.

    • Tammy Hitchcock

      Glad to hear it! I don’t like to stereotype, but the media bias you have to admit is “skewed” just a bit. I cannot understand how mr.obama, on the nasty and negative campaign he ran, that people actually accuse the GOP of “playing dirty”. I think (and I am a Libra, fairness is in my nature) that Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney TRIED VERY HARD to make it about the important issues facing this nation. All the while, after the first debate obama actually thought there was a chance he might LOSE, he talked about “working together”, he SUDDENLY became the “ENERGY” guy (pro drilling, coal, gas… outright, sickening lie)….and we know that after he won, he literally acted like a kid, sticking out his tongue~ NA~NA~NA~NA~NA~NA…”I WON”, and back to the same old game…..HIS way or the HIGHWAY! SURELY you can see that?? IF you guys are LAWYERS, SURELY you MUST see that he has TRAMPLED on the Constitution time & time again…..? The biggest for me was the decision (EXECUTIVE) he made to bomb Libya, there WAS NO EMERGENCY that PREVENTED him from taking the time to consult Congress….BUT DID HE??? NO, as I understand it, the ONLY ones who knew (beside his close inner circle) was the UN & the ARAB LEAGUE!! This is just disturbing!! The BLATANT COVER-UP of Benghazi…..COME ON??? HAS ANY LAWYERS stepped up to help that poor fellow (who is still in jail if I am not mistaken) who they MOST CERTAINLY BLAMED, him and his YOUTUBE video…..WHERE I MIGHT ASK YOU LAWYERS ARE the ACLU to STAND UP and BARK about HIS 1st Amendment rights?????? I could go on, but I think you get the point, Conservatives in general have been UNDER HEAVY ATTACK, so are we a WEE BIT DEFENSIVE?? YES! Sorry if some of “US” lump ALL liberals into the same boat, but the Administration of obama has been the MOST divisive, UN-Cooperative “machines” of modern history!! I can be friends with liberals, but WE ALL DESERVE the SAME STANDARDS……Why do some cry FOUL at the slightest HINT of OFFENDING peoples of the Muslim faith, But Jews are nasty, and Christians are CRAZED IDIOTS….and THAT is OK to SAY????? The DOUBLE STANDARDS….SURELY you can see the double standards??? Good GRIEF!

  • Richter

    The only thing I can help you with is some SAGE Advice.
    1. Learn your Gun & by that I mean, Learn to Break it down to it’s core, & put it back together again, WITH NO PARTS LEFT OVER!
    If this scares you, Take your Gun to a Good Gun Smith & Have them teach you the right way, Better to spend a few bucks now, than an Under taker later.
    Forget the HYPE, Go to a good Gun Smith & trust their recommendations for Cleaning Products.
    Now for your hard Question, AMMO, I guess it’s almost too late to tell you to go to Cabela’s & I don’t Know if ” Cheaper than Dirt Sporting goods are still in Business, But they or a Good Shop in your area, may still sell Reloading Equipment, But if you find a good reloader, GET IT & Bullet Molds for your Caliber, as well as any other Calibers you can find & afford & learn to reload your own rounds. they should have a good source for NEW BRASS, & Bullets, Don’t forget about Primers & Most Important, your Powder.
    A good rule to live by; Buy ONLY those Guns that FIRE the SAME Ammo. I own a 44 Mag. Hunting (7.5 inch,Barrow)Revolver, Though I shoot 44Cal. S.T.H.P., Thus, I have a Lever-Action 44 winchester, to go with it.
    I also use a 410 shotgun, and a Good supply of 45Cal. S.P’s Just in case, as well as a 45 Ca.,Single shot, Belly gun. The rest are of the 22Cal. range & I feed them everything from Sub-rounds to Stingers.
    By the way, Any Good Hunter, Can take down a Small Game Animal with a 22, With 1 shot or rarely a second shot. Don’t be wasting your Ammo, unless your well stocked & DON’T STORE ALL OF YOUR AMMO IN THE SAME PLACE!, I don’t mean to shout, But This is ONE Rule that nearly EVERYONE Breaks.
    The Same is true for your Powders, always store them in a Dark, Dry & Safe place, NOT in your HOME!! unless you have no choice. Also, Learn the Chemistry of Black Powder & Please, buy one Rifle & hand Gun for yourself, When all is said & done, BP is still the weapon of choice, as it’s so easy to keep loaded When all of the Smoke-less powder is exhausted.
    Try; Paladin Press, a good source for guns & ammo information, As well as AMAZON BOOKS,& while your at it, start thinking Out of the Box, Cross-Bows are Fun, Cheap & Still legal in most states.not to mention nearly silent when shooting.But that’s another story for another time. Good-Luck, Keep your chin up & realize that with Obama in office, These Issues can only get worse!

  • David

    Try Last night they had most except 223 and 20 guage for a shotgun.
    If they list it they have it. Price is pretty good, but the shipping on one item is high.

  • Dan in Colorado

    I sure am glad that I reload!! I have dies for all but 1 of my pistols and I do have dies for all my rifles. The new precious metals are: Brass & Lead!
    I heard from a friend that the local tactical gun shop which had full shelves in early December is now mostly empty. Who knows for how long……

  • http://[email protected] Dennis P. Smith

    Try Natchez Shooter’s Supply or Midway for ammo (both are also good for reloading components if you reload)

  • Mike

    I have been buying most of my ammo at and
    I usually buy 500-1000 rounds at a time. Prices are heading up after the Sandy Hook shooting and Obummers reelection. I have seen this coming for a few years (ammo shortage) and was warned by friends in the business so I began reloading. I went to buy 2000 primers for reloading today and had to settle for 500, only got them because I was a regular customer at the gun store and a friend of the owner. Even reloading supplies are getting tough to get.
    As for Glocks, in my opinion they are the best for personal defense. I have 2 sub compacts, a model 27, 40 caliber that I carry daily and a model 26, 9mm that my wife carries. We are both CHL holders. One other piece of advice, get your wife interested in shooting. Since I have done this, she actually encourages me to buy more shooting supplies. I don’t worry about her near as much when she goes to the Houston area malls by herself knowing she is armed and she is a damn good shot. As a kid, I was an Eagle Scout, taught to always be prepared. When I went into the service, I went into the Coast Guard, there our motto was “Sempar Paratus”, Always Ready. Guess you could say it has been drilled into me my whole life. Be ready and prepared for anything, ALWAYS!

  • Mike

    Just checked and Sgammo is pretty well restocked with 9mm ammo and ammoman is currently not taking any orders until the get caught up on the orders they already have.

  • Miles

    Gun shows and are where I get most of my ammo. Cheaper Than Dirt has 50 rounds of PMC 9mm for $19.19 right now. As for the Glock, I am a police officer and I love my Glock. Works flawlessly and shoots straighter than I can aim it.

  • Irish-7


  • http://yahoo Richard

    Loading all of my handgun ammo with Bullseye powder. Make bullets out of tire weights. Don’t load hot and no problem leading barrel. My guns and ammo have started disappearing, must have been Santa. He did leave me a shovel. When and if they come for our guns a revolt will start. They want to make us all criminals and slaves.

  • http://[email protected] James Menotti

    You will find cheap lighter load will cause stove piping, like aluminum CCI Blazer ammo.
    Go light on oiling it. I put some on the slide and the metal guides on the frame. I have a 19 and a 21, My dad has a 17, 20 and 22 models. The 19 is 30 years old and had the springs and firing pin replaced after 1000s of rounds having cycled through.
    Aiming is different. I saw an article that described it as the differences between a 1911’s grip which is like a boxer’s grip when punching and the Glock grip is held like when a martial artist strikes.

  • janey

    Many people are buying guns and ammo now, thinking of when the US is going to have its melt down. A good friend told me to buy a gun that would take a nato round (223). People think that all military people will be against the common folks when tshtf, but he says “no”. The military supple rooms are full of 223 and it will be readily available. Yes, he is in a supple room…

  • Rooster

    The Glock you received is a great gun. One possible upgrade that you may want to make is to fit your new weapon with a stainless steel barrel. You should get better, tighter groups, because the barrel tolerances are a bit closer than the stock barrel. Reloaded ammo will usually not eject correctly with the standard barrel, but a barrel with closer tolerances usually fixes that.
    Practice, practice, practice, and be alert.
    Protect your right to own a firearm. As the NRA Pres says…”the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guys with a gun.

    • Mike

      I have run hundreds of rounds of reloaded ammo through both of my glocks, and have NEVER had a failure to fire or a jam in either one with reloads. My 9mm Glock, model 26 did jam 1 time with factory Winchester white box target loads. I think it was because of the way my wife had a somewhat limp wristed grip on it. Once I taught her a proper grip it has never happened again.

  • Mike

    I order most off my gun stuff from MidwayUSA. They have a huge selection & even if you can’t get exactly what you want there should be a decent substitute available. The best ( & only way as far as I’m concerned) is to load your own ammo. Ammo is very expensive & loading your own is the only way a working class joe can afford lots of it. I can load 1000 rounds of handgun ammo for about the same as it would cost to buy 7 or so 20 round boxes of premium ammo. I’ve never had a problem getting the components I need to make good ammo even if I had to settle for a brand or style of bullet a bit different from what I was looking for.

  • Michael

    If you are looking for ammo, is the place for you!

  • wildhd74

    I have always had good luck with and great prices and fast delivery

  • Dave

    With the current shortages of ammo, think about reloading. You will have to use brass cases. I have stocks of powder, bullets, and primers. Get a good press and base it on the number of rounds you expect to fire. A good single die press will suffice if you don’t want to reload more than a few hundred at a time. More than that and a turrect press might be a thought.
    Also you can sometimes find once-fired brass for sale at ranges. Get a good book on loading data, and you can experiment to find a recipe your gun likes. Plus load some shells for ‘serious social situations’.

    I still have some surplus WW2 ammo that shoots very well. Check out some smaller gun stores in your area. Don’t always rely on the Big Box Stores. I have a local store that can get me things not sold elsewhere. Had to order some dies through him because no one in the area had any and would not bother to order for me.

    • MikePurnell

      The ammo makers are busy filling the governments contract for 1.6 billion rounds of 9 mm hollow point bullets to use against us.

    • tj mac

      Glad to see someone mention reloading… An outlay to start, but costs quickly come down if you shoot several times a month.

      It’s not hard to do and can cost 1/3 the current price of rounds.

  • Roger

    I guess my old Granddad did me a bigger favor than I 1st thought. He was a believer in the discipline of stocking ammo for when you couldn’t buy any. and at less than $3 a box I guess I couldn’t go wrong. Then there is reloading You know just in case!

  • bamaman

    my view and experience is that the dealers, wholesalers, and “middle men” are hoarding the ammo to see what our O’Communist leader does in Washington over the course of this year.

    They will not lose a nickle holding the ammo and can always sell bits at a time for what is owed or paid.

  • govtrumbull

    Joe: Buying a handgun is a great start, but you need to get some tactical training and you beed to beef-up your arsenal as well. I suggest aquiring a .22 cal. semi-auto. The Ruger Mark III is a good choice for range practice, it shoots like the heavier calibersaic; save the recoil and price; and .22’s are going to be a hot barter item, so stock up when their available. I hav also been looking for a good rifle and a shotgun. The problem is that if you haven’t been gun nut, you can burn a lot of cash really fast to get all of the basics together.
    One good choice to solve the shotgun and rifle requirement is to buy a gun that will shoot both shot and rifle ammo with enough of the “oomph factor” to get the job done. The gun that I’ve fallen in love with is the Rossi “Circuit Judge” that will fire .410 shotgun shells and .45 long colt ammo. With this comination you don’t have to change barrels or cylinders and you can put the shotshells and rifle ammunition in the gun at the same time. Here is the link to the Rossi Arms website.

    By using Winchester PDX-1 shotshells, you end up having a very effective home defense weapon, and the benefit of a nice heavy bullet in the .45 long colt cartridge. And don’t forget food storage, water, medical items, water sores and sanitation.

    We are headed into some rough times and we need good prople to get the country back on track after the whole “New World Order” collapses under its own weight. But OBAMA’S “FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATIO” is going to exact a toll on people that don’t pan ahead.

    Hope my two cents helped.

  • Tom VB

    I’ve been reloading for years. I have all of the best equipment, but can’t find small rifle primers?? Or anyone that stocks them.

  • Mike

    I’ve been buying from several online dealers. My favorites are,, and fortunately I saw this shortage coming and was able to prepare before it got bad. I also reload almost every caliber I shoot so I can get more life out of my brass. It is also getting hard to get reloading supplies. Had to wait 3 months to get my last batch of primers.

  • Tom VB

    I bought the most wanted rifle and a 1000 rds. didn’t know it was going to get so bad. it would have been a great investment

  • http://[email protected] dadwasright

    Some of the videos say the ammo situation is better, not in the chicago land area.Hen lips are much more common. If you can find any without driving 50 miles. Man you are lucky.

  • Old Dog

    Since Newtown I have been purchasing various calibers from…think eBay for items that eBay bans. A lot of the items for sale are from occasional sellers, but there are dealers as well.

    Have a calculator handy to make sure you are not overpaying per round.