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Ringing In The New Year… Safely!

By on December 27, 2012

New Year’s is a time of celebration! It is a time to let loose, reflect on the past year, and plan for the coming one. Want to know the best way to start the New Year off?

Get home safely!

Whether partying outdoors or staying indoors on New Year’s Eve, here are some important ways to make sure you and your loved ones safe when the clock strikes midnight. Usher a happy 2013 with these practical safety tips.

Don’t drink and drive. Intoxication is the main cause of auto accidents during holidays, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports. Alcohol can dull the senses and cause dizziness, headaches, and sleepiness. So, if you’ve had a drink or two, don’t drive at all – simple. Ask a sober friend or family to drive you home after the festivities, take a cab, or better yet – sleep in and drive home the next day.

Stay off the road – if possible. Even if you are not drinking, if you don’t need to go behind the wheel, then don’t. With intoxicated drivers and a huge crowd of people on the streets, it is potentially dangerous to stay on the road; being sober doesn’t spare you! But if you have to drive, be alert and drive defensively.

Monitor alcohol intake. There’s nothing wrong with drinking on new year’s eve. Drinking too much though, has lethal effects. Pay attention to how much you are consuming and be a responsible drinker. Alternate your alcoholic drink with a non-alcoholic one if possible.

In public events, stick with friends and family. If you plan to go out and witness new year’s eve public events, make sure to go out with friends or family and stick with them. Being alone during festivities can make you a likely target. Also, bring only what you need, like IDs and cash just enough for the night. Be aware of your surroundings, too.

If you leave the house, tighten home security. New year’s eve is also known for a spike in house theft. Before you leave, make sure fences and gates are closed and locked, and turn on alarm systems. It is advisable not to post pictures of you while outside, the burglars will know you’re not home.

If you’re hosting a party, arrange transportation for your guests. If you want your guests to get home safely, it is suggested to arrange transportation for them. If you can’t, make sure one of them is sober to drive home safely. Consider having your guests sleep over if things outside are not favourable.

Have food and drinks available. Your guests might have stomach upset if you don’t let them eat before drinking. Also have a variety of non-alcoholic drinks for your guests.

Watch out for fires. If you have decorative lights at home, display them away from water. Do not plug too many items in one socket as well, to avoid short circuits. If you are burning candles, extinguish them after the party.


Practice fireworks safety. If you are shooting fireworks, make sure that you take proper safety precautions. Let it off in an open place far from power lines and someone else’s home. Have an extinguisher ready and never re-ignite a firework that did not go off.

But most of all don’t let your guard down. New Year’s Eve may be a time for celebrations; but it is also time for caution and alertness.

About the author
: Melissa Page is a blogger and social media contributor who works with ICan Benefit group, a company that offers health insurance options you can actually afford. When she’s not writing, she’s out bowling with friends.

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  1. Richter


    And for those that still live in the country, Where you can shoot off Fireworks, Never, Ever, Fill a plastic Bag with equal parts of Gas from a Oxy/Acetylene torch. Never Ever use a Rubber-band to tightly close that bag after placing a Canon fuse in the neck of the bag.
    And even if Hell does freeze over, Never Light that Fuse & run like heck from that bag!
    Ever hear a Cannon go off??, I’m afraid to tell you what it did to our Missing Scare-crow, But Superman isn’t the only thing that flew that night.

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