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Every Christmas it seems like it gets harder and harder to buy Christmas presents. Even more so if you are buying for an outdoorsy type.  My wife keeps asking me what I want for Christmas and she said it had better not be another knife!

I know that it can be extremely hard to buy for a prepper since I find it hard to buy for myself.  I have combed through the internet as well as my own personal collection of supplies to come up with a list of ideas to help any of you who might feel a bit overwhelmed when trying to pick out gifts.  I have added both practical and humorous items as well as a brief description of their value.

As a tip you could leave your browser open for your significant other to stumble upon and get a few ideas.

Is there anything important that I missed?  Or anything that you think would be a fantastic out of the box gift for anyone that likes survival gear or books?

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  • Mariowen says:

    My husband said he was getting me a night sight laser for my handgun. I have night blindness and using the handgun in the dark is just about impossible. The shotgun can be aimed in a general direction and you can be pretty sure of making a hit. The precision needed for handgun is a different story. Therefore, this is an invaluable gift for me.

  • Dan Geralsky says:

    Do you have any info on a faraday cage?

  • Al McLennan says:

    Two things come to mind. 1) microspikes for your boots. They will keep you from slipping on hardpack snow or ice. 2) a Sawyer water filter – it can filter down to .002 microns and will filter 1 million gallons with proper back washing.

  • Maxilyn says:

    If one exists, I would like a water filter that will turn the contents of my camper’s gray water tank back into potable water. It would probably need a pump to transfer from one tank to the other.

  • Johnny B says:

    At the infowars website they have a pocket crank generator to recharge your cel, or other com device. JBG

  • ron says:

    to get out of here and to get where i would rather be.

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