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I spent this Halloween much like I do every other Halloween night, filled with bad horror movies and zombie flicks.  It really got me thinking about how huge the zombie craze has become over the last few years.

With Max brooks amazing zombie survival guide (yes I am a fan of the book), its follow up World War Z, and shows like The Walking Dead (a personal favorite of mine), it’s no surprise that some big names have jumped on the bandwagon and started selling everything from zombie stopper ammo to specific zombie slayer knives.

I want to make sure that you know that I don’t believe that the world is going to end in an apocalypse of flesh eating undead, because frankly most of that is a joke to me.  It’s just not realistic. I will tell you what’s not a joke, and that’s Gerber’s Zombie Survival Kit.

This kit has knives that run the gambit on survival knives, it comes complete with 3 different pocket/boot knives, 2 machetes and an axe all rolled up into one neatly stored carrying case.

The 2 fixed blade knives are slick, durable, and extremely high quality.

The folding knife is compact and easy to carry outside the case.

The Gerber Gator and Gator Pro cover just about everything you need when it comes to a machete

The Pro Axe II is lightweight and small but it is still long enough to give you plenty of leverage when chopping up firewood… or zombies.

These knives are not a joke… but the price is.  This kit is almost $350.00, IF you can find it in stock!  I thought that something was a bit off about the pricing and being the practical prepper that I am, did a bit of research.  I found each one of the components in the kit, minus the case and they only came in at $250.00 with free shipping on amazon.

This means that they are charging almost $100.00 just for a nylon case.  I don’t know about you but I would rather keep that extra cash in my pocket and get the Practical Version of Gerber’s Zombie Survival Kit.  Here’s the other big plus: the actual kit is rarely in stock, but all of the pieces are always in stock.  You can even find most of them at your local sporting goods stores.

Either way, zombie apocalypse = big joke, Gerber zombie survival kit= one of the best knife kits available.  The only thing I would recommend adding to this kit is a hammer, which you can do with all that cash saved.

Get my Gerber: Survival Kit


P.S. I am still looking for more recommendations for my upcoming camping trip,  I am looking for things that you might want to personally buy but maybe are on the fence about.  Give me your recommendations and if I purchase the Item, I will give you my honest and unbiased feedback on it.




  • Andy says:

    How about an Emberlit-UL Camp Stove (not the mini). It’s titanium (stainless versions also available), and you don’t need to bring fuel with you. The thing I like most about it (from watching videos), is that you can take long pieces of wood and leave them hanging out the side of the stove through its doorway, and push them inside the stove as the ends burn down. There’s no need to continuously fight with trying to drop twigs and small pieces of wood into the stove from the top while you are cooking, trying to fit them between your cook pot and the stove. Just push more of the long pieces of wood inside when necessary.

    If you get one and don’t like it, I’ll gladly take it off your hands if the price is right :) :)
    I would love to own one, but the funds to purchase a new one are somewhat scarce at this time!!!

  • 0

    One of my favorite outdoor tools is the old fashioned tomohawk. The head can be removed for easy storage,skinning or cutting (use like an ulu). It can be a vicious weapon. The handle is easily replaced by carving a new one from what ever wood is available. I find camping is impossible with out one

    • Donna says:

      Hello I like the idea of your tomohawk. My husband is a knife maker. He makes kitchen knives, ulu’s, bowie, hunting and any thing anyone can make a pattern. He is originally from WY, we moved to Alaska 8 years ago. He is just now getting his new shop set up with his tools.

      Do you have any instructions for the removable head? I’m sure my husband could figure it out but your experience would be helpful.

      Thanks, Donna from Alaska

  • Guy says:

    Earlier period styles like those traded to the Indians a couple hundred years ago are of this type. They are available from a lot of sources like Dixie Gun Works & Smokey Mountain Knives to name a couple. They are commonly regarded as throwing hawks but the quality ones are as valuable a survival tool as they were hundred of years ago. A head and handle can be packed seperately in a bug out bag taking up very little room and hardly adding any weight.

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