Woodmans Pal, a better version of the Gerber Gator Pro?

By on November 6, 2012

Woodman's Pal® Classic Tool Only


Commentary: I’ve had the Gator Pro from Gerber, looks a lot like this model but this one has a full tang and looks quite a bit beefier than the Gerber Model.  This one also offers custom engraving if you wanted to gift it to your favorite outdoors-man ( or woman)

Woodman’s Pal® Model 481 Classic TOOL ONLY

The cutting edge of this blade cuts branches up to 1 1/2″ in diameter with one stroke. Its distinctive sickle hook slices through thick vines and branches and eliminates unwanted growth on the ground.

16 ½ inches long overall

6 inch Ash hardwood handle that fits the user’s hand comfortably.

1/8” thick x 10 1/2 inch carbon steel blade toughened to Rockwell C47 giving it power for cutting, keeping its edge and for flexibility in cold weather.

Nylon wrist strap permits for fast dropping and retrieval when needed.

via Woodman’s Pal® Classic Tool Only.

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  • Dave

    At over 80-100 bucks plus 30-40 more for the sheath, I will have to stick with the 5.00 machete I picked up at a garage sale. At that price it should make coffee.

  • Sky Soldier

    I still am puzzled why the sheath is not included in the price of the tool. I was at “Warehouse Sports” and saw a few similar tools and they had sheaths. I wouldn’t buy a tool like this without having something safe to house it in when not in use…and I would not spend another penny for a sheath separately.