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By on October 31, 2012

Commentary:  Would you want to train under the man himself? As of september 2012, Bear Grylls has opened up his own survival academy.  Right now it is only in the UK but he is planning to have academies across the U.S, Africa, and Australia by 2013.  This class would be a blast!

Bear Grylls Survival Academy was launched in September 2012. The inaugural intensive 6 Day Course is limited to just 10 participants and provides a rare chance for a lucky few outdoor enthusiasts from around the globe to learn Bear’s extreme survival techniques. It provides a combination of remote land and sea survival and adventure tasks which culminate in a 36 hour wilderness expedition that is designed to put your new found skills to the ultimate test.

A shorter (but no less intensive!) 3 Day Course launches in Spring 2013.

Techniques include how to make a fire in the pouring rain, build lifesaving emergency shelters, train in knife skills, forage for grubs and rodents, remote medical trauma, rappelling, extreme weather survival and white-water river crossings.

Bear Grylls has become known around the world as the most recognized face of survival and outdoor adventure. With seven seasons of Man Vs Wild/Born Survivor experience, and the many skills learned from his time with the British Reserve Special Forces, he is proud to launch Bear Grylls Survival Academy. The Academy has been designed by Bear Grylls and courses will be run by his close team of highly trained experts.

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To help deliver these courses, Bear has teamed up with Worldwide Experience, experts in delivering high quality experience-led conservation and volunteering courses around the world.

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