Sometimes you have to break things down and rebuild them

By on October 23, 2012

Back to the Basics: The Bug Out Bag   Backdoor Survival

Commentary:  The author does a fair job breaking apart her go bag and rebuilding it from the ground up.  Every prepper has their own personal preferences when it comes to gear so this may not be what you need or specifically want.  What do you keep in your BOB

Sometimes, even an experienced prepper needs to start over.  In my own case, I put together a bug-out-bag way back when.  I then dutifully hung it on a hook in the closet near my back door and other than an occasional update of documents and meds, pretty much left it alone.  What a shame, or shall I say how lucky can I get that I did not need to use it. The reason is a simple one.  Since that date way back when, I have upgraded my gear, added to the basics and well, I simply have become more […]

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