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Do you still trust that FEMA will come to your aid?

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Commentary: This is a great story that details the perils of outsourcing your safety and preparations to government agencies and not taking it upon yourself to learn skills and prepare for any type of SNAFU.  The article asks some questions that will force you to look at what you have done for your safety now and what you need to do to insure your protection in a crisis.

Filed under Lead Story   “I never thought it would happen here.” Crisis after crisis and disaster after disaster, how many times have we all heard that sentence uttered from an unprepared persons mouth? Yet, even after these disasters, a majority of the effected people still fail to take precautions for future events. We live in an age where people would rather outsource their safety to some government agency instead of taking the time to learn about preparedness. They live under the false assumption that should something ever go wrong, the government will be there to help them pick […]

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