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To Prep or Not to Prep – That Is the Question

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Commentary: The Jarhead Survivor is a man after my own heart! Like me he seems to have a certain distaste for the “doomsday” type prepper shows and the negative sensationalism that they bring.  By instead choosing to focus on a broad spectrum of scenarios he is more prepared for whatever may come and not just the quantum pulse of the nearest neutrino star..

If you’ve been looking around at the world lately and thinking, “Man, things are really looking bad right now,” you’re not alone.  There are many other people out there  thinking the same thing.  If you’re reading this you’ve taken the next step from just thinking the above to actually doing something about it. Congratulations!  It’s a big step. Why do we do it?  Why do we prep?  We all want to take care of our families and ultimately I think that’s what it all boils down to.  I have one adult child, a three year old hellion, and a […]

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  • Bill Turley says:

    I am always looking for information that might help me prep. I am in a unique situation where the problems of prepping are very different than in the USA

    • Joe Joe says:

      Hello Bill,
      If you would care to share your unique situation I would love to hear it, I think that any and all information that is shared is a huge step towards helping others prep and I really want to hear yours!

  • Paul Bissicks says:

    Excellent article.

  • Tom says:

    Great info. One of the difficulties is that, in my family, I am the only one who sees the need to prepare. The rest of the family is still in a fog of stupid, and often thwart my efforts to prepare. Any suggestions or self help programs for unfortunates like myself?


    • Joe Joe says:

      Hi Tom,
      I actually wrote an article about how to involve your spouse in your preps ( you can view it here)
      I am still working on getting my wife to involve herself in preparedness activities. I did have a breakthrough with her when I told her that she was already prepping without knowing it. Where as I prep via physical goods and skills, she preps financially. She will pay our mortgage and all of our bills up well in advance. When I asked her why she did that she said that she just wanted to be prepared for if we are tight on money. It was then that she had a bit of an epiphany that there is a possibility that things can go south and she wanted to make sure that our bills were in order so that we could focus elsewhere. I hope that that article helps, and even if your family doesn’t get actively involved maybe you can get them to at least allow you to make the preparations that you see fit without hassling you.


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