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Commentary: Buck  knives is now offering custom made knives, you can select either a variety of different blades and they even offer engraving services.  This is the best thing short of making your own survival knife.

Every man needs a dependable pocket knife — and like a meat patty at Burger King, you can have yours your way with the Buck Custom Knife Builder ($TBA). This Flash-based tool lets you select from three models, a variety of blades and handles, and even lets you add engraving before deciding what type of sheath you’d like. It’s as close as you’re going to get to building one yourself.


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  • David Cook says:

    I’ve owned and used numeous knives during my time in Viet Nam, 25 years on the Police Narcotics Unit and SWAT team. Some knives were pretty good and some were terrible. I like to have two knives with me at all times. One is an assited opening & folding knife and one non folding knife. I won’t go into all the good bad and ugly of every knife I have used and owned but for the money, I have staked my life on SOG knives. They are used by the U.S. special forces Navy Seals for one reason. They are reliable, they hold an edge, salt water won’t make them rusty and the grips are comfortable and won’t slip out of your hand. They make a lot of different kinds to suit every situation and that my friends is up to you. A good SOG knife will run you from $85.00 to $185.00. Depending on the size and weight and the sheath that you prefer. Check them out, don’t just take my word for it. But they have never failed me and have lasted many many good years.

  • Sky Soldier says:

    Recently I purchased two “survival” defense fixed blade knives. One was a Gerber and the other a more expensive, but less quality (including the sheath), NightEdge by Blackhawk (made in Taiwan). I prefer the balance, quality and sheath of the Gerber. I would not pay the incredible high prices for a knife because they all at some point will be lost, broken, rust, get dull, etc. Don’t fall for the “collector custom made” knives… because utility is not “collectible” and you’re only stroking the ego of the maker.

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